The Challenge of Promoting Wind in Developing Countries

Building wind and other renewable energy projects in developed countries is hard enough; in the developing world, the financial and political barriers are often much more pronounced. In this podcast, we’ll look at how companies are working to overcome these barriers and make clean energy a reality for up and coming (and increasingly energy intensive) countries in Latin America and Asia.

Dana Younger, senior adviser for renewable energy and sustainability at the International Finance Corporation, talks about the benefits and drawbacks of working with private institutions in developing countries to finance projects.

Jay Gallegos, CEO of Mesoamerica Energy, discusses the relationships between wind developers and local landowners as well as the ups and downs of political support for renewables.

Qin Haiyan, secretary general of the Chinese Wind Energy Association, describes the myriad opportunities for domestic and foreign wind companies in China.

Finally, Cliff Etheridge of Roscoe, Texas speaks with Colin and Carrick McCullough of the Our Renewable Nation video series about his role behind the build-out of the world’s largest wind farm.

Inside Renewable Energy is a weekly audio news program featuring stories and interviews on all the latest developments in the renewable energy industries.

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