Tallest Wind Turbine in Western Canada is on Native Land

The tallest wind turbine in western Canada has started to generate electricity for the Peigan Indian Utility Corp and EPCOR Power Development.

EDMONTON, Alberta, CA, 2001-10-24 [SolarAccess.com] “Our success with Weather Dancer 1 is allowing us to look ahead to a larger wind power project, and a future where it may be possible for us to meet the energy needs of our own community,” says Chief of the Peigan First Nation, Peter Strikes With A Gun. “This will also bring new opportunities for the coming generations of the Peigan people.” The 900 kW turbine stands 72 m high. It will generate 2,960 MW hours of electricity each year, which could meet the needs of 450 homes. The project will offset carbon emissions that are equal to removing 17,500 cars from the road per year. The project will be certified under the national EcoLogo program after inspections are complete. For the first ten years, 80 percent of Weather Dancer’s output will be offered to customers through EPCOR’s Green Power Program. The name ‘Weather Dancer’ refers to a ceremony performed on the last day of the Sundance, Okaan, which renews the relationship with the natural world.
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