Supermarket Makes Historic Wind Power Purchase

Against the backdrop of a 115-foot wind turbine blade at Whole Foods Market’s University Heights store in Providence, Rhode Island, the North Atlantic Region of Whole Foods Market announced its purchase of clean energy produced by wind power generation facilities totaling 10 percent of the store’s annual electricity use in the Northeast.

Providence, Rhode Island – June 9, 2004 [] As of April 1, 2004, all 28 stores and facilities in the North Atlantic Region – covering locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey – will receive 5,200,000 kilowatt-hours per year, or 10 percent of their electricity from state-of-the-art wind power facilities in the Eastern U.S. Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Region has combined its wind purchase with a 6,000,000 kWh per year wind purchase by Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic Region to achieve the largest wind energy purchase in the U.S. by a supermarket company. With a combined total of 11,200,000 kWh covering 54 stores and facilities in 9 states in the eastern U.S. from Massachusetts to Virginia, the Whole Foods wind purchase ranks in the top 10 largest wind purchases in the nation, and in the top 5 largest non-government wind purchases. The wind energy for the Whole Foods Market North Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Regions will be supplied by Community Energy, one of the nation’s largest marketers of wind-generated electricity and a developer of wind energy projects. Wind energy provided to Whole Foods will be produced by newly-constructed wind projects located throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. “Purchasing regionally-produced wind energy for our stores and facilities was a ‘natural’ for Whole Foods Market, given our corporate philosophy of taking holistic actions that promote a sustainable world,” said Rudy Rubenis, North Atlantic Regional Vice President of Whole Foods Market Group Inc. “We’re proud to be making a difference with our own practices, but we’re even more excited about the opportunity to educate our customers, team members, and members of our communities about how they can join Whole Foods in taking action to support new, clean, wind energy sources in their areas.” Whole Foods Market and Community Energy plan to launch a comprehensive wind energy campaign later this year to provide customers with in-store educational materials on wind energy and its benefits, as well as an opportunity to easily and cost-effectively purchase wind energy for their homes. “Whole Foods Market believes in educating our customers on the benefits of a variety of environmentally safe products from food to “green” cleaning products and paper goods to body care products. Now we have yet another opportunity for our customers to join our team through wind energy purchases and working together for the good of the environment,” said Lee Kane, environmental coordinator for the North Atlantic region of Whole Foods Market.


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