SunWize PowerPort PV Systems Installed

SunWize Technologies has completed two 30 kW SunWize PowerPort photovoltaic (PV) systems for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The Florence, Alabama installation is located at the Water Treatment Facility at Veterans Park. A second system was installed at the intramural fields at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

Kingston, New York – November 5, 2002 [] The solar electric systems are part of TVA’s Green Power Switch Program where residential, business and industrial customers can buy green power in 150 kWh blocks. “Solar energy is one of three renewable generation sources for Green Power Switch,” said Green Power Switch program manager Gary Harris. “With fourteen solar sites located in five states, many Tennessee Valley residents are not far from a solar power facility where they can see firsthand how we harness the sunlight to help us energize the power grid. As our program continues to grow, solar will continue to be a vital part of our success.” The SunWize PowerPort represents the latest SunWize product offering for grid connected PV applications. The PV array is located on the roof deck of a canopy structure that provides shade for various purposes such as vehicle parking, park visitors and sports spectators. The low tilt angle of the deck and array reduces wind loading and maximizes power output to coincide with peak electrical load periods. “The PowerPort easily fits into any existing space because of its design flexibility. Its simplicity minimizes engineering costs and on site construction time,” said David Panico, vice presidend of project development.” The systems transform direct current power produced by the solar modules into 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase utility-compatible power that is fed into the utility transformer. In this grid-interactive configuration, the PV system operates in parallel with the utility power plants to provide power to the grid during daylight hours.
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