Spanish Utility Steps Up Wind Power Plans

Spain-based Endesa has said that the further construction of five more wind farms will bring the company’s total wind farm count up to 63. The new projects, with an investment that exceeds Euro 70 million (US$81.45 million), is comprised by La Manga, El Ruedo, Rio Almodovar, El Gallego and Cortijo de Iruelas wind farms, all of them in Tarifa (Cadiz).

Tarifa, Spain – October 16, 2003 [] These five projects, will join the other 58 wind farms that ENDESA owns in Spain, adding a total wind capacity of 78.4 MW through 98 wind generators of 800 kW each. With their start ups, scheduled for the second half of next year, approximately 215 GWh per year will be generated, energy sufficient to supply to 65,000 households, equivalent to 200,000 people. Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovable (ECYR), Endesa’s renewable energy division, also has other projects under way in Cadiz, Malaga, Sevilla and Granada. These wind farms are part of the first stage of Endesa’s Eolic Plan in the region. The second phase, scheduled for the second half of next year, will consist on the construction of 48 additional MW. From an environmental point of view, the projects are designed to minimize the impact in the surrounding area. The generation of the new wind farms will avoid more than three million tons of CO2 emissions. Currently, Endesa participates six other Andalusian wind farms with a total installed capacity of 90 MW. Other plans are under study in other regions of Andalusia such as Malaga, Seville and Granada. All these initiatives, included in ENDESA’s 2002-2006 Strategic Plan, are a result of the company’s positive outlooks for renewable energy development.
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