Spanish Company to Build Windfarms with Canadian Oil Firm

Two Spanish wind energy companies of the EHN group have entered a joint venture with Canada’s oilsands company, Suncor Energy, to develop and operate wind projects across Canada.

CALGARY, Alberta, CA, 2001-11-21 [] Iberdrola SA and Energia Hidroelectrica de Navarra, through their affiliate North American Renewables, will join Suncor in a new venture called SunNar. The new group will combine technologies from Europe with Suncor’s knowledge of the domestic energy market, to operate in Canada. Suncor is building a windfarm in the western province of Saskatchewan, which will generate 11 MW of power from 17 turbines. It already has six turbines in operation with a current partner, the pipeline and gas distributor Enbridge. “Our work with EHN will bring a new and powerful player onto the renewable energy scene in Canada,” says Suncor’s vice president Mike O’Brien. “The focus on large-scale renewable energy projects fits with our commitment to address the risk of global climate change and our parallel path approach to energy development.” The parallel path refers to Suncor’s business strategy to develop hydrocarbon resources to meet current energy needs while developing renewable energy sources for the long-term. EHN was last year’s recipient of The Financial Times’ prize for Best Renewables Company in the World, and currently is developing large-scale wind projects in Spain and Latin American. It is also undertaking research in the state of New York to identify possible sites for windfarms there. EHN Group consists of 25 companies that focus on renewable energy projects around the world.
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