Spain’s Endesa Completes Wind Farm

Spain’s third largest electric producer, Endesa, will have 75.9 MW of additional wind power in Galicia, now that its subsidiary, ECYR, (Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovables) has completed construction of the Fonsagrada-Punago wind power complex in the Province of Lugo.

The operation of this facility, together with the facility in the Province of La Coruna, is expected to be operative by the end of the year. Endesa’s installed capacity in wind farms in Galicia will surpass the 400 MW-mark. The recently completed complex, located in the municipalities of Fonsagrada, Castroverde, Baleira and Ribeira de Piquin, is equipped with 115 model Made AE-46 wind turbine generators, whose unit capacity is 660 kW. Investment amounted to Euro 65 million (US$ 84 million). Construction of this wind power complex is part of Endesa’s strategic plan, which aims to bring online 2,000 MW of additional capacity from renewable energy over a period of five years, incremental to the 2,123 MW already installed. Over 100 professionals were involved in the construction of Fonsagrada-Punago. Once in operation, seven workers will run the wind farm. These employment figures are particularly significant considering that employment opportunities are relatively lower in rural areas such as these. ECYR is leader in the Galician wind energy industry, the most developed in Spain. The company has invested Euro 440 million (US$ 570 million) in Galicia since 1996, set to increase to Euro 570 million (US$ 738 million) by 2008, when all 568 MW authorized by the Galician regional authorities have been installed. Construction of this wind energy complex introduces new renewable energy capacity into Endesa’s generation mix, enabling a suitably diversified generation structure and reaffirming its commitment to environmental and sustainable development matters in the markets in which it operates. In Spain, Endesa currently has installed wind energy capacity totaling 999 MW, with an additional 163 MW under construction, giving it a national market share of 16.6 percent. Year to date, the company has brought four wind parks into operation, representing 77 MW, while it has begun construction on seven new farms, which will add 163 MW to current installed capacity.
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