Southwest Windpower Enters the Grid Tie Market

Southwest Windpower, which specializes in the production of small 400-3000 watt wind generators unveiled a utility tie, or grid-tie version of its 1000 watt Whisper turbine.

“Our markets have traditionally been for the off-grid application such as a remote cabin or mountain top telecom system” said Andy Kruse the company’s Vice President. “The grid tied systems simply hook directly up to the house and reduce the user’s monthly electrical bill. There are no batteries to maintain and the systems are virtually maintenance free. Small wind turbines were originally used during the early 1920’s for charging batteries to operate a radio and a few lights in a small home. In the mid 1930’s, the Rural Electrification Act brought the electrical grid to homes all across the country virtually eliminating the need for small wind systems. At that time, electricity was cheap and reliable. Southwest Windpower said that today, with rising energy costs and a deteriorating electrical grid, it is a different story and small wind has been making its resurgence with American homes. Southwest Windpower claims what is unique about the small wind utility tie systems is they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other technologies such as solar photovoltaics (PV). However their use is generally limited to rural areas and places with adequate wind. Small wind systems are not for everyone but if you live on a piece of land of at least one-half an acre, you have a wind speed average of at least of 9 mph and your electrical utility offers a net-metering policy then a small wind turbine could be right for you, said the company. To learn more about the wind speed in your area and if your state offers incentives to buy a small wind system go to either of the two links below.


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