Solar Water Pumping Systems for California

WorldWater Corp. a full-service solar engineering and water management company, received purchase orders for US$3,503,808 from South Sutter Cold Storage of Yuba City, CA and for US$302,940 from Sundial Orchards of Gridley, CA. for installation of its proprietary solar power systems.

Pennington, New Jersey – June 3, 2003 [] South Sutter Cold Storage, a fruit cold storage facility, has purchased a 438 kW WorldWater AquaDrive solar power system. It will receive a California utility rebate of 48 percent as well as Federal and California State tax credits. Immediate installation is planned by WorldWater of the South Sutter system, its largest single solar system to date. Sundial Orchards is purchasing a 36 kW AquaMax solar-powered pump to drive a nut huller used by the almond and walnut grower. The US$302,940 system will qualify for a California utility rebate of approximately 45 percent, plus Federal and state tax incentives of 10 percent and 15 percent respectively. The Sundial project will also begin immediately. WorldWater Corp recently installed a 350 hp compressor pumping system for food processing refrigeration at the Lehr Bros. Inc. farm in Edison, California. WorldWater had also implemented the world’s largest solar irrigation pump, a 50 hp system, at the D.T. Locke Ranch in Mendota, CA, a cotton grower in the San Joaquin Valley. The company has recently developed proprietary AquaMax solar water pumping systems capable of operating pumps up to 600 hp, making it the first solar company in the world with the power to deliver mainstream electric pumping capacity, according to the company.

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