Solar Power Technology to Stop Sewage Spills

September 18, 2003 [] WorldWater Corporation testified before the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection and Committee on State and Federal Legislation’s oversight hearing on Blackout 2003. Appearing at the Council’s invitation, WorldWater Chairman and CEO Quentin T. Kelly and Executive Vice President Anand Rangarajan testified as to the impact WorldWater’s proprietary solar technology might have made had it been in place as an alternative power provider during the August 14th power outage in New York City. The testimony focused on the impact WorldWater’s solar power systems might have had had they been in place at the City’s water treatment plants and pumping stations, where loss of power caused 490 million gallons of untreated sewage to spill into waterways surrounding New York City. According to Kelly, WorldWater’s approach could have eliminated or greatly reduced the need for dumping untreated sewage into the water streams. Following the hearing, WorldWater was invited to meet with New York wastewater treatment and power plant officials.
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