Solar Increase for San Diego

[] San Diego Gas &Electric (SDG&E) has filed a request with the California Public Utilities Commission to place solar panels on its roofs and other property to bolster the use of renewable energy resources in the San Diego region. If the request is approved, SDG&E will ask for bids to place the panels on its buildings and will use the energy to power both its facilities and its customers’ homes and businesses. SDG&E is estimating that the solar displays will generate 1 MW to 3 MW, enough to supply 1,000 to 3,000 homes with electricity. Three megawatts of solar energy would represent an increase of almost 40 percent over today’s use of solar energy within San Diego County. SDG&E submitted its request as part of its 2005 short-term resource plan, along with an updated long-term renewable resource plan through 2014. The updated renewable plan included draft Requests For Offers for both solar panels and wind resources.

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