Small Wind Turbine Global Market Study 2007

State and federal policy remain the pivotal factor for sustaining and growing the market for small wind electric systems in the U.S. and abroad. The U.S.-pioneered Small Wind industry has not benefited from any federal-level incentives since 1985, though it has seen annual growth of 14-25% since 1990.

Roughly 7,000 Americans purchased small wind systems in 2006, but these systems are still far too expensive for most consumers. A 30% federal investment tax credit would help consumers overcome this up-front cost hurdle and could grow the market 40% annually.

Production methods would then mature, lowering costs and making the U.S. industry even more competitive in the world market. Approximately half of all sales made by U.S. manufacturers in 2006 were exports, signifying that Small Wind is still one of the few renewable energy technologies the U.S. dominates.

However, with inequitable state and federal financial treatment with solar photovoltaics (PV), its market counterpart, Small Wind may struggle to maintain its position.

Market survey findings include:

1. How big is the market for small wind in the U.S.?

• Units sold in the U.S. in 2006 (by both U.S. and foreign companies): 6,807
• Installed capacity added in U.S. in 2006: 17,543 kW
• Total U.S. sales in 2006: $56,082,850
• 6,639 of these 6,807 units (98%) were sold by U.S. manufacturers, equating to 16,093 kW of capacity and $50,904,350 in sales.
• The export market for U.S. manufacturers continues to account for roughly half of their sales.

2. How big is the market for small wind outside the U.S.?

        • Units sold in 2006 (by both U.S.and foreign companies): 9,502
        • Installed capacity added in 2006: 19,483 kW
        • Total non-U.S.sales in 2006: $61,131,500

To see more market survey findings, and to view the entire report, see the link below.

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