Sixteen Spanish Wind Farms Add 314 MW

Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovables (EYCR), a renewable energies subsidiary of the global electrical group, Endesa, has 16 wind farms under construction, which will be connected to the grid between the end of 2003 and 2004. With this additional 314 MW, Endesa’s wind capacity will reach 1,135 MW in 2004. According to Endesa, this will give the company a 20 percent share of wind power capacity in Spain.

Madrid, Spain – December 1, 2003 [] In 2003 ECYR’s wind farms total output will amount to 1,627 GWh. Total investments for these 16 wind farms is ý280 million (US$334 million). This investment is part of Endesa’s Power Plan, which is included in the company’s Strategic Plan, which contemplates 2,000 additional MW of renewable energies. Three of the Spanish wind farms, located in Galicia, Castilla y Leon, and Aragon, are expected to be completed by the end the year. The other 13, constructed in Galicia, Andalusia, Aragon and Castilla y Leon, will be connected to the grid throughout 2004. The most recent are two in Galicia, where construction has already begun, which will add a total installed capacity of 45.54 MW. One is the Leboreiro wind farm (21.12 MW) raised on Muras municipality (Lugo) and the other is Carballeira wind farm (24.42 MW), in Xermade (Lugo) and As Pontes (A Coruna). The investment amounts to ý39 million (US$46.5 million). Carballeira wind farm completes an aeolic complex located in As Pontes that reaches a total installed capacity of 161.70 MW. This new investment in renewable energies reinforces Endesa’s commitment in the area, where it will invest an additional ý275 million (US$328 million) for the repowering of the 1,400-MW As Pontes thermal plant. The repowering of the plant will extend its life for 20 years and will significantly improve the environmental conditions by using only imported coal. The Leboreiro plant together with Pena Luisa, Pedra Chantada, Pena Grande and Silan, comprises another unit with a total capacity of 95.7 MW. Distribution of the 78 wind farms participated by ECYR in 2004 is as follows: 16 in the Canary Islands, 22 in Galicia, 13 in Castilla y Leon, 15 in Aragon, 11 in Andalusia, and 1 in Catalonia.


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