Siemens to Build UK Wind Turbine Plant

Siemens Energy is to build a new production plant for offshore wind turbines in the UK in order to meet the growing demand for wind turbines for British offshore projects.

The company is currently appraising the suitability of potential sites for the production plant, both on the east coast and in the northeast of the UK, with a special focus on the harbour infrastructure.

“In the foreseeable future the wind power market in the UK will be characterized by major offshore projects, and we’ll extend our market leadership with the new production plant”, said Peter Löscher, president and CEO of Siemens AG, referring to the country’s Round 3 development programme in which it is anticipated that offshore projects with a combined capacity of 32 GW will be implemented by 2020 and from 2015, it is anticipated that more than 1000 wind turbines will be erected in British waters.

“The British government has established attractive terms and conditions for investors in renewables. This applies in particular to offshore wind power. The planned production plant in the UK will create more than 700 new jobs. There will also be more new jobs in the area of logistics and at suppliers. We’re intending to make investments in the high double-digit million range”, added Andreas J. Goss, CEO of Siemens UK.

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