Sequoia Energy Secures $16 Million for Community Wind Projects

The Canadian wind energy company Sequoia Energy Inc. announced it closed a $16 million CDN financing deal from renewable energy investor Good Energies. This investment will allow for expansion of its current projects in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota.

Wind energy has become increasingly recognized in North America as a complementary enhancement to existing provincial and state energy systems and a highly valued benefit to sustaining local communities. Because Sequoia develops community-based wind projects, the company believes they will integrate smoothly into the existing energy infrastructure.

“Just as the wind blows across borders, wind developers have to look beyond the lines on a map. Today’s announcement is a commitment on both our parts to develop wind energy from Manitoba to Saskatchewan and south to the Midwest states,” said Ron Diduch, CEO of Sequoia Energy.

Good Energies will provide Sequoia not only with the capital it needs to succeed, but we will also partner with management to provide them with our international utility-grade wind development expertise that we have gained from successfully bringing projects online in North America and Europe,” said Jean-Louis Brenninkmeyer, a managing director at Good Energies.

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