Senate Passes Thune Wind Energy Amendment

The United States Senate passed U.S. Senator John Thune’s energy transmission amendment to the energy bill, which would promote the development of energy transmission infrastructure, on June 19.

“This legislation is critical to promoting the development of wind energy in South Dakota and around the country. As the windiest state in the nation, South Dakota will greatly benefit from these provisions. Today’s vote in the Senate is a major step in the direction of clean, alternative energy,” said Thune.

Thune’s amendment, #1609, would promote the creation of energy corridors that would facilitate the transference of wind energy generated in South Dakota to high-demand areas.

“We have the wind energy in South Dakota that the major power consumers in our nation need. The missing link is transmission infrastructure to deliver this power,” Thune said.

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted in favor of energy tax credits, including the Production Tax Credit advanced by Senator Thune, which creates incentives for the development of wind energy. “Today’s victories should be celebrated by everyone who wants to promote wind energy in South Dakota,” Thune said.

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