Second Wind Turbine Approved for Hull, Mass

In October, the town council of Hull passed a proposal to install a second wind turbine in town. according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). A 1.8-MW Vestas turbine has been ordered and is expected to be installed by next summer. The proposal passed with an almost unanimous vote.

The new turbine will be erected on top of the town’s landfill, which will give it added height. AWEA honored Hull Municipal Light with its Utility Leadership Award in 2003 for providing a model for wind power serving small, publicly owned utilities, and for being the first utility to install a commercial size wind turbine in an urban coastal setting in the U.S. As of November 15, the Vestas 660-kW wind turbine had produced approximately 4.5 million kWh since it was first commissioned late in 2001. According to the utility, it is operating with a capacity factor of 26.2 percent. The production from the turbine results in lower taxes for the town’s residents because it reduces the amount of electricity the Municipal Light Board must purchase. Article courtesy of AWEA
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