Schott to Study Wind Effects on Solar Panels

Schott Applied Power, a division of Schott Glas has awarded a US$88,000 CAD contract to Newmerical Technologies International, of Montreal, as Phase I of a study of wind effects on solar photovoltaic panels on building roofs.

MONTREAL, Canada – April 16, 2002 [] NTI’s FENSAP-Airwake simulation code is considered the most advanced in this field and the equivalent of a virtual wind tunnel. Already CAE Inc. has developed in collaboration with NTI a CFD-based simulator for helicopter landing on Navy ships and oil platforms, while Public Works Canada has awarded NTI a contract to study, via CFD simulation, wind and snow effects for a government complex to be built on Tunney’s Pasture in Ottawa. The Schott contract is a further indication that computational flow simulation is a growing and more flexible alternative to expensive and limited capability environmental tunnel techniques.

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