Sacramento Hardware Store Installs 200 kW Solar Array

California officials joined with Emigh Ace Hardware of Sacramento, on Tuesday in dedicating the largest retail solar electric system in the city. This 200 kW solar system, mounted on the roof of Emigh Ace Hardware on El Camino Avenue, was designed and installed by Team Solar of Sacramento.

During the day, the solar array will generate the energy equivalent to power 200 homes. Emigh Ace Hardware’s onsite solar system covers 21,600 square feet of rooftop. Team Solar used PowerLight’s PowerGuard solar PV system. By avoiding the purchase of fossil-fuel generated electricity, the solar electric system installed by Emigh Ace Hardware spares the environment from thousands of tons of harmful emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, which are major contributors to smog, acid rain and global warming. Over 30 years, the combined solar generated electricity and energy efficiency measures will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 2,000 tons. These emissions reductions are equivalent to planting nearly 600 acres of trees, removing over 400 cars or not driving 5.2 million miles on Sacramento’s roadways. “By leveraging solar power, Emigh Ace Hardware is helping all California utility customers by reducing strain on the grid, especially during peak electrical demand hours — at times when state transmission lines are the most constrained,” Team Solar President Rick Lavezzo said. Emigh Hardware is on track to receive a $652,386 rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s self-generation incentive program which, by California law, provides rebates to help customers pay the cost of on-site electric generating systems utilizing either solar, wind or fuel cells, or micro turbine or internal combustion engine cogeneration systems. “It’s terrific that Emigh Hardware, Sacramento’s well-respected, fourth generation family-owned business has taken this innovative approach to powering its operations,” said Assemblyman Roger Niello. “It makes good sense to harness the region’s abundant sunshine by deploying solar photovoltaics.”
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