Romania may be the next Germany to be the emerging PV country

As the traditional European markets, such as Germany, have been declining, the PV inverter developer and manufacturers have been seeking to develop the emerging market all over the world. Although many manufacturers has focus on the emerging markets with obvious increase, such as Japan and India, some developers with great ambitious has turned eyes on the markets easily overlooked, such as Romania.  


At the end of this year, the GTM research will publish the report covered the solar market of Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. It mainly includes the development future of the Romanian solar market. The irradiance level of Romania is almost the same with Germany, which may surprise the global PV solar inverter persons.


Although the Romanian renewable energy is little known, the recent market development has given a deep impression. The driving force of these developments comes mainly from the implementation of the EU emission reduction targets policy. For example, in 2009, the wind power installation below 15GW has been connected to grid. But the publishment of the Renewable energy Bill, near 2 billion dollars has been invested in developing new wind power over 1 billion watt. So far, there are not many large scale solar equipments. The main reason is lack of appropriate support and transparent policy. But the Renewable Energy Bill published in 2011 lead the bloom of the Romanian solar inverter market. The bill was approved in April, 2012.


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