Revolutionary Generator & Turbine Design

Compact (1M to 0.5M), Light Weight (<20k), Fully Modular & Customizable VAWT witn an estimated 5000k/W year output

Product Highlights/Unique Features:

* 4 independent turbines and 16 generators operating in tandem within a very compact space, each generator with potential to produce output of a turbine of similar size currently available in the market 

* It was possible to incorporate such a high number of generators due to our new & unique generator design. The standard turbine generator has both the magnets and copper coil wire contained within the same vessel and utilize a crankshaft to transform motion to energy. In our own design, magnets and copper coil wire are contained within two separate vessels (hallow subservient rings) and turbine blades are directly placed in between one pair of such rings and therefore able to operate without a crank shaft and addociated loss of efficiency 

Furthermore our custom made generators have a diameter of 40 cm, 4 times of any other standard generator for a wind turbine of similar size 

* In the contemporary VAWT designs the blades are placed on top of the central shaft and therefore suffer from cycle fatigue and vibrations. In our own design turbine blades have no connection with the central shaft 

Turbine blades are set within hallow rings and those rings are placed on bi-pods (thin cylindrical arms connected in the middle by a hallow ring) and in return those bi-pods are kept in suspension within magnetic bushings/bearings that are placed along the central shaft.

More information as well as images/videos for different parts and fully assembled prototype can be found in our company website


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Whirlwind Energy, Managing Director

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