Retrofit Motors Improve Wind Turbine Performance

[] U.S. Wind Farming (USWF) of Illinois has completed negotiations for a partnership with Apache Electric where U.S. Wind will manufacture a generator motor that can be retrofitted into existing wind turbines and provide the turbines with efficiency gains. Apache Electric used resources from the Boeing Aircraft Corporation in the development of this new motor, and hopes to increase their turbine efficiency to over 31 percent. Building a motor that can be retrofitted to Apache’s older turbines will benefit the existing maintenance contracts for the company because they can update the turbines without a need for new infrastructure, according to USWF CEO William Telander. Apache Electric and USWF are moving to take advantage of the improving prospects for wind energy companies as more states, including California, New Mexico and Illinois, are moving to increase the proportion of wind energy generation in light of the high prices for natural gas, which fuels most of the power plants erected in the 1990s.
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