RES & OPA To Build Two 99-MW Wind Projects

Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES Canada), an affiliate of RES Americas, and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) announced that development and construction on the Talbot and Greenwich Wind Farms is set to begin. Together these projects will create roughly 600 construction jobs and 16 operations jobs, provide more than US $350,000 a year in local taxes and invest more than US $85 million in capital expenditure and US $13 million yearly in operating expenses in the local economy.

The Talbot Wind Farm is a US $250 million project, to be constructed in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. It will produce 99 megawatts (MW) of wind energy. The project will create an estimated 300 construction jobs and 8 direct operation jobs. It will generate revenue for businesses in the region, spending up to US $50 million in capital expenditure and more than US $7 million a year in operating expenditures. Landowner payments will put over US $1 million per year in the hands of local Ontario farmers. The Municipality will also benefit, receiving around US $278,000 in tax payments each year.

The Greenwich Wind Farm is a US $250 million project that will be located in the Municipality of Dorion and the Unorganized Territory of Spruce Current. It will also produce 99 MW of energy, create the same number of jobs and US $75,000 in municipal tax payments each year will be generated from the project.

“RES Canada is happy to partner with the Ontario Power Authority to bring the benefits of wind energy to the people of Ontario,” said Craig Mataczynski, president of RES Canada. “We are committed to the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure’s vision to develop renewable energy for ‘Ontario’s electricity future’.”


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