Republicans claim to support renewable energy.

We have some Republicans, who are sponsoring a bill to help initiate programs involving renewable energy.  They are advertising the truly renewable options, but fail to promote the back-side part of this bill, which includes paving the way to drilling oil in Alaska and in the Gulf, amoung others.  Additionally, there are provisions for doing these renewable energy projects on Public Lands.  This is just another piece of legislation designed to fool the American public into believing that they are supporting renewable energy, and they are, at the expense of our environmentally protected areas.  It has been a masterful campaign by the Republican party to convince the American public that they are doing thier bidding, while raping and pillaging our resources, both governmental and environmental.  You have to read between the lines nowadays when it comes to Republican rhetoric, things like “We want government out of our lives” means: We don’t want government regulating where and how corporations do business, they (corps) should be allowed to tear up the earth and pollute anywhere they want without restriction.  Another good one:  “We want to lower taxes for Americans”… really means:  We are going to give tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations (2% of the population are considered wealthy, earning over 250,000/year) like they did during the Bush Administration.  I didn’t see any tax breaks (I’m not one of the 2%), and these tax breaks for the wealthy and corps have put this country into financial ruin.  Trickle down economics doesn’t work, as proved in the last 11 years.  The rich get richer, and keep the money.  And finally, with this new bill to promote ‘renewable’ energy, which actually gives the fossil fuel industry a boost.  Let’s stop hiring politicians that give us half truths and lies.

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