REpower Licenses 1.5 MW Turbine Production in China

Multi-megawatt class wind turbine company, REpower Systems, based in Germany, signed a license agreement with China’s Dongfang Steam Turbine Works (DFSTW) at the World Wind Energy Conference in Peking, China. REpower said they see the arrangement as a way to consolidate their presence in the Chinese renewable energy market. DFSTW, one of the largest Chinese manufacturer of steam turbines, will produce the REpower’s 1.5 MW MD70 and MD77 turbines to sell in China. REpower has specifically focused some of their wind power business on the outside licensing of their wind turbines. Since their launch onto the market in 1999, REpower’s MD70 and MD 77 have been built and will continue to be built under license by manufacturers such as Nordex AG and Fuhrlander. REpower has licensed its technology in China before — the smaller 600 and 750 kW turbines with Chinese companies, Windey and Goldwind. China is set to become one of the five biggest wind energy markets in the world. In the course of continuously strong economic growth, energy consumption in the country is rising by an average of 10 percent a year. In 2004, restrictions had to be placed on energy consumption in 24 provinces. Experts forecast that in the next few years, 70 percent of all new power stations in the world will be built in China.


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