REpower & Energiekontor Sign 90-MW Deal

REpower Systems AG and Energiekontor have signed a contract for REpower to supply 18 units of its 5M offshore wind energy turbines, each with a rated capacity of five megawatts (MW), for Energiekontor’s Nordergruende offshore wind farm. The total peak output of the turbines is 90 MW.

In December of last year, REpower and Energiekontor signed a Letter of Intent for this project. The 18 offshore turbines will be manufactured in the new REpower assembly factory in Bremerhaven, due for completion this summer. They are scheduled to be supplied between April and June next year, and installed at sea in the spring/summer of 2009.
“As a manufacturer, REpower has been dedicated to the expansion of German offshore wind energy from the outset,” said Per Hornung Pedersen, CEO of REpower Systems AG.

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