REPORT: 2001 Wind Energy Growth

The international wind power market experienced dramatic growth in 2001 when a record 6,824 MW of new capacity was added, and the future looks equally as bright for the industry.

RINGKOBING, Denmark – April 10, 2002 [] Denmark’s BTM Consulting reports this week that the German and US markets showed the greatest growth while the delay in renewal of the US Production Tax Credit (PTC) negatively effected the US industry early In 2002. (The PTC has since been extended.) With an overall growth rate of 52 percent, the cumulative installed capacity of wind energy worldwide is now 24,900 MW, providing about 50 billion kWh per year, enough to provide power to more than 11 million homes in Western Europe. The report forecasts an estimated 50,000 MW of additional wind power to be installed worldwide by 2006. Company’s that have benefited from the explosive growth of the industry are the United States’ Enron Wind (currently being sold at auction) and Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems. REpower of Germany and Japan’s Mitsubishi also were in the top-ten of providers in 2001, who together provided 93 percent of the new wind power capacity, according to the report. Other statistics reported in the BTM report: 66 percent of new installations in 2001 were in Europe, 26 percent in the US; Germany is the largest wind power market followed by the US; the Japanese market expanded 193 percent in 2001. Forecasts include: an estimated average growth of 16 percent per year until 2006; the US market will show a significant increase through 2003 based on the PTC; Asian markets, particularly India and Japan will also see major increases in capacity.
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