Renewable Energy Summit in Nevada

U.S. Senator Harry M. Reid (D-Nevada) will be featured at a summit at the Atlantis Casino Resort on October 8, where issues of transmission & distribution and permitting & siting of renewable energy power plants, and possible new power marketing authority for the Western Area and Bonneville Power Administrations will be the focus of panels, presentations and interactive workshops. Issues specific to renewable energy development on Native American lands will be woven throughout the summit; and a comprehensive national and regional renewable energy policy overview is included.

Reno, Nevada – August 29, 2003 [] The primary objective of the event is to bring together western state policy makers and leaders, industry representatives, developers & owners of projects, utilities, tribal leaders, regulators and advocates in a forum to determine how the western states may become a more positive force through aggregation and organization in the development of energy policy at both the regional and national levels. The effects of adding renewable energy to the grid, and the impact of aggregating western states for maximum leverage and negotiating in the rapidly changing arena of national energy policy will be summit themes. Event organizers hope that the physical, geographic, resource similarities and energy interdependence of the western states will provide an impetus for thoughtful examination of how the region might be better served by approaching energy policy from a group perspective. Attending representatives from the invited states of the western grid will come from Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Representatives from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are also connected to the Western Grid and are expected to attend the summit. The target audience include decision makers and persons in positions of influence: i.e. governors, attorneys general, legislators and other policy makers throughout government, state office of energy directors, state renewable energy task force members, tribal leadership, public utilities commissioners, state consumer advocates, presidents/CEO’s of energy companies, utility executives, developers/project owners. Attendance is limited. The Potential Outcomes of the event include: development of a Western States Renewable Energy Working Council (a policy working group to funnel policy recommendations to regional and national level); enhanced cooperation, coordination and collaboration among western grid states; a western grid states’ report entitled, “Potential Economic Impact of the Western Grid’s Renewable Energy Resources;” the summit proceedings widely distributed as a report; enhanced media awareness (comprehensive media strategy in place for the summit); possible new power marketing authority for the Western Area and Bonneville Power Administrations; and a news conference to release the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s high resolution wind energy resource map of Nevada, which will be completed by the time of the summit.
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