Renewable Energy Advocacy Group Forms in New York

The mission of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACENY), a nonprofit recently formed in Albany, New York, is to educate the public on the use of price-stabilizing clean, renewable electricity generation technologies and energy efficiency to help attain air quality and public health improvements. Other public benefits anticipated include energy diversity and security, and economic developments in New York.

ACENY comprises members of the wind, environmental, and clean energy technology industries. Priorities for the upcoming year include shepherding several tariff changes through the New York Independent System Operator’s “share governance” process, pushing for timely processing of interconnection studies through the lengthy queue, ensuring industry-friendly renewables portfolio standards implementation, and creating proactive public relations and education. ACENY will be continuing many of the activities previously carried out by AWEA’s Windpower New York initiative, which began several years ago. Planning meetings throughout 2005 ensure a smooth transition to a New York-based organization involving the same players while broadening the group’s mission and membership to other clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. “This is a natural evolution,” said Randall Swisher, AWEA Executive Director. “The state renewables portfolio standard represents enormous potential for the industry, but fulfilling that potential requires a much more active agenda and a New York-based, member-driven capability. My hope, and the hope of AWEA members who have led the effort, is that ACENY will develop into a partner organization for AWEA and its members, through which the industry is able to collaborate with allies on an ambitious legislative, regulatory, and communications agenda for the state.” Initial Board directors for ACENY include representatives from PPM Energy, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Horizon Wind Energy, Renewable Energy Long Island, Arcadia Windpower, the Pace Law School Energy Project, and AWS Truewind. A dozen wind energy companies involved in the New York market have already expressed plans to support ACENY, although a formal membership drive will begin in January 2006. Information courtesy of the American Wind Energy Association


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