Remote Street Lights Powered by Solar and Wind

Matsushita Seiko is selling a hybrid streetlight ‘statue’ that is powered by electricity from both wind and solar technology.

OSAKA, Japan, JP, 2001-12-10 [] The streetlight came on the Japanese market this month with a goal of preserving the environment at a time when companies and government are increasingly interested in the use of natural energy. Matsushita says there is a strong demand for streetlights in places such as isolated islands and parks, where it is difficult to supply electricity. The FY-36HTTB streetlight does not require external electricity supply, with the PV panel designed to represent the wings of a seagull and its Savonius-type vertical turbine providing a quiet and safe power supply compared with conventional propeller wind units, regardless of the wind direction. The built-in LED minimizes power consumption compared with conventional fluorescent lamps and reduces the size of storage in the main body of the light, which officials claim is both stylish and statuesque.
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