RealEnergy Adds More Solar Panels to Selected Projects

RealEnergy LLC is installing additional solar energy generation capacity at several sites where it is installing co-generation systems.

WOODLAND HILLS, California, US, 2001-09-25 [] The California company says it is installing the PV panels at its own cost, as part of its own corporate plan to encourage the installation of renewable energy technologies in commercial buildings around the world. The additional capacity will enhance the reliability and availability of electricity to the high-power-use commercial buildings. “These are all buildings that previously drew 100 percent of their electricity from the power grid, and will soon feature energy efficient on-site generators that will deliver at least 50 percent of their peak energy requirements,” says company chairman Daniel Cashdan, All the buildings are currently being fitted with on-site energy generation systems under several different investment programs. One investment strategy is a US$50 million program backed by investors such as CalPERs, real estate giant Arden Realty and others. “One of the key drivers in forming our company, for both RealEnergy management and our investors, was the mission to promulgate not only the actual use of on-site technologies by installing them in office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings and other commercial real estate, but also to aggressively promote the use of renewable technologies such as solar energy which, in our opinion, should be the ultimate goal of the global energy industry,” adds Cashdan. “Wind turbines are terrific renewables for open areas, but they don’t, as yet, fit the urban scene as well as solar.” Solar has a particularly strong future for cities and, one day, Cashdan predicts that urban skyscrapers fitted with ‘skins’ will allow the entire building to produce solar energy. Right now, solar is clearly the most viable alternative for urban markets, he says. Public officials in California, led by governor Gray Davis and recently the Bush Administration, are actively supporting the initiative to develop and install more renewable energy technologies that do not depend on burning coal, fuel oil and other non-renewable energy sources, he explains. “By investing some of our own hard earned profits back into the use of renewables, we are trying to make a statement to both public and private leaders that these technologies can become a ubiquitous part of our nation’s urban landscape,” says Cashdan. “It’s time for everyone to put some skin in the game.”
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