Real Estate Company First to Offer Wind Power

Coldwell Banker Colorado Landmark, Realtors is the first real estate company in the country to offer wind power to new homebuyers.

BOULDER, Colorado – May 22, 2002 [] In an exclusive partnership with Renewable Choice Energy, Coldwell Banker Colorado Landmark Realtors announced their program to provide customers American Wind™ ebnergy for their homes. Renewable Choice Energy is the leading grassroots provider of green energy to customers across Colorado. Working together the two companies will promote environmental stewardship with clean American Wind™. “We purchase American Wind for our office’s electricity use because using green energy is important for the environment and the economy,” said Joel Ripmaster, President of Coldwell Banker Colorado Landmark, Realtors. “By partnering with Renewable Choice, we can give our customers the same opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our country’s energy security.” The average consumer who purchases American Wind™ for their home for a year has the same impact on global warming as not driving a car about 10,000 miles. Each customer receives a personal energy certificate that documents their purchase including all avoided carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. “Emissions from conventional energy production with fossil fuels cause air pollution, impact human health, and contribute to global climate change. Now is the time to switch to clean alternative sources of energy,” said Quayle Hodek, CEO of Renewable Choice Energy. “Recent advances in technology are making wind power more affordable then ever before. For only a few extra dollars a month concerned citizens can make a positive difference for our country by choosing American Wind.” American Wind™ is a Green-e certified tradable Renewable Energy certificate (TRC) product. Whenever a wind farm produces electricity it also produces an equivalent amount of TRCs. The TRCs are commodities that represent the non-electricity values of renewable energy including all avoided pollution emissions. Customers purchasing American Wind™ do not need to switch their electricity provider. Purchasing American Wind™ allows customers to lessen the country’s dependence on fossil fuels by directly supporting new domestic wind generation.
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