Quebec Gains Wind Turbine Production Facilities

[] Marmen, a Quebec-based manufacturer of machine parts and assemblies, has won a contract to manufacture turbines for GE Wind Energy. In turn, Marmen has contracted building envelope systems manufacturer Murox for CAD 3 million (US $2.42 million) to build the necessary manufacturing facilities. Marmen needs two plants to fulfill their contract with GE Wind, and both plants will be dedicated to tower fabrication and nacelle assembly. Totaling 145,000 square feet (13,476 m2), the project consists of 311 Murox wall panels as well as 600 tons of joists, trusses and steel deck. The contract awarded to Murox also includes a number of value-added options such as the addition of mezzanines and the installation of a top running crane with a lifting capacity of 50 tons. Work on the erection of the two buildings is expected to take eight weeks, and both plants should be up and running by September 2005.
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