Proposed Wind Farm in North Dakota Includes PPA

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc., and Otter Tail Power Company have announced a contractual agreement with FPL Energy to develop the Langdon Wind Project, to be constructed south of Langdon, North Dakota, in Cavalier County.

This multi-part wind project includes 25-year agreements with Minnkota to purchase 99 megawatts (MW) of wind-generated electricity, and with Otter Tail Power Company to purchase 19.5 MW of wind-generated electricity. Otter Tail Power Company will also own an additional 40.5 MW at the project site, bringing its total to 60 MW. Completion of the wind farm and the associated transmission line is anticipated by early 2008. The Langdon Wind Project is sized for 159 MW at peak output. It will use 106 General Electric turbines, each having a nameplate capacity of 1.5 MW. The wind farm will provide more than 350 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually to Minnkota and more than 215 million kWh to Otter Tail Power Company. “We’re pleased to have this renewable energy purchase agreement in place,” said David Loer, Minnkota President and CEO. “In response to customers’ interest, Minnkota is seeking to add more economical renewable generation to our energy resources. We’re proud to be part of this FPL Energy project, which will be the single largest wind farm in the state of North Dakota.” In 2006 Minnkota Power Cooperative and Otter Tail Power Company issued separate requests for proposals (RFPs) for long-term renewable energy supply contracts. Before any of the subsequent legislative renewable energy standards and objectives passed in Minnesota and North Dakota, the companies identified FPL Energy’s proposals as most economical and feasible. “We began our search for new wind projects early in 2006 based on the amount of wind energy our integrated resource plan identified that we economically could add to our generation mix,” said Otter Tail Power Company President Chuck MacFarlane. “We’re looking forward to getting this project underway and identifying future wind projects to reach the 160 MW of wind energy called for in our resource plan.”
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