PPM Secures 300 MW of New Wind Turbines

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] PPM Energy will purchase 300 MW of wind turbines from GE Energy enabling PPM to build several late stage development projects expected in the next year. PPM Energy recently completed construction on its 75 MW Klondike II Wind Power Plant near Wasco, Oregon. Portland General Electric has a 30-year agreement with PPM Energy to purchase all of Klondike II’s wind capacity to serve PGE customers beginning in December 2005. PPM Energy also expects complete four other wind power projects – the 100 MW Trimont project in Minnesota, the 150 MW Elk River project in Kansas, the 150 MW Shiloh project in California and the 198 MW Maple Ridge project in New York, which PPM is building as a joint venture with Horizon Wind Energy, a unit of Goldman Sachs. PPM Energy http://www.ppmenergy.com

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