Poland’s Wind Power Potential

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Wysak Petroleum announced 46 MW Polish Wind Farm development with Projekt Gmbh has been increased in size to 70 MW. A 500-hectare extension of the land lease agreement has allowed for project expansion to take place. This will increase nearly 190 GWh per year. Development partner Projekt GmbH, is a leading European wind energy company, which currently oversees the operation of 14 established wind farms and is developing an additional 17 wind projects in Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Turkey. A project of this scale is estimated to provide power to nearly 25,000 local homes. Wysak’s goal is to develop large-scale energy projects in Eastern Europe. A project such as this helps move Wysak forward in its vision of Polish renewable energy development. Polish energy laws and European Union accession rules have reshaped the Polish energy sector. These new laws have forced open the Polish electric grid system and created a unique opportunity for alternative energy sources. Wysak said these factors along with excellent wind measurements create a tremendous environment for wind energy in Poland.
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