Patent SU 1319654

English translation of the text of the present invention Professor Mamulashvili 1987
Patent SU 1319654.
The present invention relates to the creation of the air thermal solar power. The aim of the present invention is to enhance technological capabilities.
For this purpose, on the foundation (1) was set the generator or engine, was strengthen the central rack (2). By its tip was suspended upper support ring (4) and the lower supporting ring (5) and pre-stressed shell (1). Last was spun around rack (2).
Cylindrical shell (6), is attached to the upper support ring, spring-loaded under the lower support ring (5) and is attached to the outer support ring (8), set above ground level on the V-shaped stands.
Fig. 1.
The present invention relates to creation, in particular the creation of the power engineering facilities, mainly for use in the constructions of air thermal solar power.
The aim of the present invention expansion of technological opportunities. The drawing shows the proposed tower, general view.
The tower contains: the foundation (1), which is necessary for the generator or motor depending on a tower for heating or cooling; building on the foundation pillar (2); suspended on flexible connections (3) upper supporting ring (4); the lower support ring (5); pre-stressed cylindrical shell (6) of polymer
material reinforced with glass fiber orthogonal grid attached to the upper ring at one end passed under the lower ring of the other end, constantly passing in the shell (7) of the collector cover, also made of reinforced polymer material, fixed to the outer support ring (8) with on the V-shaped rack 9, located at the calculated circumference attached to the upper and lower support ring of the rim (1) – from an open-circuited on one side of box profile shelves to the center of the rim; pre-stressed membrane (11), formed with sheets twisted around the mast (12) of welded mesh reinforcement , covered polystyrene film and is pivotally fastened respectively to the upper and lower beam crossings (13) with ball bearings (14), located at the rim.
Tower works as follows.
When the device air thermal facilities in the basement (1) of a generator set, the anchors are fixed through the transfer of the central rack (2). Installed in the foundation hole, attach the mast temporary braces on the ground to anchor or to the outer support ring (8), pre-positioned on the V-shaped racks are installed on the calculation of the circle.
Skewer tap on the well head rack bottom support ring (5) with the rim (10), crosspiece (13) and collected the shell.
Dipped lower support ring to contact with the foundation and pushed onto the counter top supporting ring (4) with a rim (10), crosspiece (13), the rays which are fixed coils webs (12).
Omit the upper support ring on the rack until they touch it with a folded upper end of the shell (6), resting on the lower support ring (5).
Fix the upper end of the shell (6) to the upper support ring (4) and the lower end of the shell is passed under the lower support ring (5), and connect it with the shell (7), which is then attached to the outer support ring (8).
After securing the lower support ring (5) to the foundation (1), the upper support ring (4) with attached shell (6) raise the crane or winch through a block mounted on a head stand (2) to contact him with flexible bonds (3 ) and hung it on them.
Rolls of webs (12) unfold before contact with the rays of the lower bracket (13) and pivotally attached thereto.
Turning the lower bracket (13) choose the length of the webs (12), spinning them around the rack (2).
Following this conclusion, the bottom crossbar (13) of the pinch and release time delay of, fixed to the tip rack (2).
Due to the elasticity of pre-stressed membrane (11), the upper crosspiece (13) rests on a ball bearing (14) in the rim (10), ascending the upper support ring (4) with radial elements, straining to turn the shell (6) of the body of the tower and shell (7) of the collector cover.
After that, the lower and upper bracket (13), longitudinally adjustably fix the rack (2) heels.
The invention can significantly improve the operation of the towers, within which the vortices self generated by rising due to the possibility of a simple tensioning flexible shell casing of the tower to eliminate the residual strain with rotate the lower bracket around the mast.
Using the shell formed by swirling around the racks with sheets at the same time as the kernel of the rigidity of the tower and as a wind turbine, increase productivity of the air thermal installation, due to twisting of the ascending air flow and create the greatest pressure per unit volume of air passing through the turbine, and also reduces the cost of energy produced at the expense of cheaper construction and operation.
Tower design can improve working conditions, lower steel and energy costs during its construction because it does not require any special installation tools and machinery, heavy-duty, in addition, the shell formed by swirling around the racks with sheets can be achieved certain tensile stresses in the a flexible outer shell casing, a shell collector cover and in a rack, which reduces the cost of the entire system through the full use of the bearing capacity of material used.
Application swirling around the racks webs as a wind turbine would also avoid gyroscopic loads inherent in a wind vane motors, which simplifies the arrangement of the transmission system to the generator, and making them out of the reinforcing mesh, covered with plastic sheeting, reduce the weight of webs, without changing rigidity.
Compound flexible shell casing of the tower with a shell collector cover air thermal power station will make the device an extreme height of the collector cover over the ground, determined to effective air intake and heating under a polystyrene material (the so-called greenhouse effect).
The device is the minimum acceptable height of the collector cover over the soil will provide increased speed and reduced the degree of turbulence of air flow, by increasing the pressure gradient in the zone of rarefaction behind it.
In addition, at a minimum height of the collector cover over the ground can provide the best working conditions of synchronous or asynchronous alternating current generator driven by wind turbines, since the concentration of air flow at the inlet can significantly reduce the speed range of the rising air stream, which in turn, provides a constant speed turbines for power stations in the overall energy system.
Using in this case the wind turbine from swirling around the racks panels eliminates the separation of air flow and reducing engine torque of the wind, even at low shaft speed.
The concentration of the air flow at the entrance to the tower, in addition, will allow for the generation of electricity and the absence of solar radiation, since the tower reaches high altitudes, where a zone of low pressure at the outlet air flow, and swirl in a vortex tornado type, which ensures the rotation axial wind turbine.
Tower, including foundation, attached to this pillar, to the tip of which is suspended from the upper support ring, the lower support ring, pre-stressed cylindrical shell attached to the ends of the upper and lower support rings, crosses, longitudinally adjustably mounted on a rack set below the top support ring, pre-hard shell formed by swirling around the racks with sheets, attached one end to the rays crossing, and another – to the lower support ring, characterized in that in order to enhance technological capabilities, the tower is equipped with additional external support ring. Located above ground level on the V-shaped stands, and the ends of the cylindrical shell are missing under the lower support ring with the possibility of bias and are attached to the outer support ring.

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Ph.D., author of 12 inventions, including three inventions of the air thermal power plant of the artificial cyclone action - vortex power. All these inventions are based on the availability of electrical energy in the toroidal space on the boundary differential pressure and temperature at the point of twist of the vortex torus. Moreover, the station operates as a system of motion upper and downward movement depending of type of climatic conditions of construction. Theoretical foundations of a very complex calculation made in 1995, and these theoretical studies are now in 2011 is confirmed by calculations in the software ANSYS CFX. Vortices's form a precisely calculated point toroidal space, which involves loyalty hypothesis of swirling around a central strut tower station air flow. Such power that arise in the work of the vortex turbine can provide significant need in both industry and housing. Now runs R & D for power stations with capacity of 5-20 MW up to 30-100 MW.

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