Oklahoma Utility Wants to Quadruple Wind Power Production

The Oklahoma utility OGE Energy Corp. recently detailed plans to quadruple the wind power production of it’s subsidiary OG&E Electric Services, bringing the company’s wind capacity from 170 megawatts (MW) to around 770 MW.

OG&E President and CEO Pete Delaney said that implementation of the company’s plans should give more OG&E customers the choice of being up to 100 percent “green power” users in a few years.

“The significant amount of wind in western Oklahoma is a largely untapped resource that is in increasing demand in Oklahoma and across the nation,” said Delaney. “We have been working on plans for some time now to significantly increase OG&E’s wind power production over the next four years.”

Delaney said the investment in wind energy development could move Oklahoma from being sixth in the nation to as high as third in wind power production behind Texas and California. In addition to OG&E, there are many other developers interested in western Oklahoma wind projects.

Delaney also described the company’s aim to begin building a key stretch of transmission power line from Oklahoma City to Woodward, eventually extending to Guymon. Such a high-capacity line would be necessary for OG&E and others to deliver wind-generated power from western and northwestern Oklahoma to the rest of the state and beyond.


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