Ohio Wind Energy Projects Awarded $5 M

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland last week announced grant awards totaling $5 million for the development of utility-scale wind energy projects. Two projects will receive funding for production projects: The Buckeye Wind project developed by EverPower Renewables in Champaign and Logan Counties, and the JW Great Lake’s Wood County Wind Farm in Wood County.

The awards are the result of the first round of the Ohio Wind Production and Manufacturing Incentive Program administered by the Ohio Department of Development and the Ohio Energy Office.

“This investment is an important first step as we aim to create thousands of good-paying jobs by focusing on advanced energy production,” Strickland said. “Ohio’s commitment to wind energy will create economic development opportunities for communities across the state.”

EverPower’s multi-million dollar Buckeye Wind project is rated at a peak capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) and will have sites in Logan and Champaign Counties. The Buckeye Wind Project was approved for a grant of up to $3 million based on the amount of energy produced.

JW Great Lakes’ Wood County Wind Farm is also a multi-million dollar project that is rated at a peak capacity of 49.5 MW. The Wood County project was approved to receive up to $2 million based on the amount of energy produced. The project will generate enough electricity to supply all the electricity needs for approximately 15,000 homes in Wood County.

Both projects are expected to be installed and operational by June 30, 2009. The developers will receive a payment of $0.01 cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for electricity generated and an additional $0.02 cents per kWh will be available to projects that utilize Ohio-manufactured wind turbines. Payments will continue for five years or until the maximum funding award is reached—whichever comes first.

Funding for the Ohio Wind Production and Manufacturing Incentive was authorized by House Bill 251, introduced by Representative Joseph Uecker (R- House District 66), passed in early 2007.


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