Offshore Wind Study Starts with Public Meetings

The Blue Ribbon Panel created to study offshore wind power in New Jersey has scheduled a series of public meetings to hear what people and local elected officials think about the subject.

Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey signed the executive order to create the Panel last December, with the intention of generating a study that considers the costs and possible effects of developing offshore wind turbines. “The Jersey Shore is a treasure. While we are committed to pursuing clean energy sources for our state, we must also preserve the beauty and economic benefits of our coastline,” Codey said. “I look forward to hearing from New Jersey residents on the best course to pursue as we consider proposals for offshore wind power.” Codey directed the Blue Ribbon Panel to assess the environmental and economic impacts of offshore wind turbines, and examine whether wind turbines are an appropriate alternative energy source for New Jersey. The executive order outlines the goals of the study, and established a 15-month moratorium on funding and permitting of offshore wind turbine facilities. “We are committed to a completely open process, in which everyone’s input will be taken into consideration for the final recommendation that will be the future of coastal development in New Jersey,” said Blue Ribbon Panel Chairman Edward McKenna. For a schedule of when and where the public meetings will take place see the link below.


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