Oak Ridge National Lab Fellow Wants to Change Attitudes Toward Energy, REA Editor with the Stories of the Month

The energy problem is a people problem, says Benjamin Sovacool, and finding a solution means changing peoples’ conception of energy’s central role in society. In this week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy,” Sovacool, who was awarded a fellowship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory after defending his doctoral dissertation at Virginia Tech, tells us why his theories on distributed generation are relevant to the search for energy independence. The price at the pump is a small part of the true cost of fossil fuels, says Sovacool, and consumers must gain a fuller understanding of the consequences of their energy choices before renewable energy can compete with conventional sources.

This week’s podcast visits with RenewableEnergyAccess.com editor Jesse Broehl, who offers an update on recent stories concerning radar interference from wind turbines. There is talk that the recent bill that stopped wind turbines in the Midwest has its origins in the effort to block the Cape Wind project in Massachusetts, says Broehl, though proof of this point has not come to light. Broehl also reports on a proposed new solar project in California’s Bay Area that could set a new size record in the U.S. This week’s “Inside Renewable Energy” offers the latest in renewable energy news.

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