NZ Labour Policy Backs Up Renewable Energy

The New Zealand Labour Party announced plans to examine new ways to include a stronger level of renewable energy in the country’s electricity system.

The environmental group Greenpeace is heralding the Labour Party’s efforts as a step forward in addressing climate change and moving toward a more sustainable future. “A commitment to increasing the proportion of electricity from clean renewable energy sources like wind and to develop a National Energy Strategy, is great news for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling the biggest threat the planet faces — climate change,” said Vanessa Atkinson, Greenpeace climate campaigner. “It is also encouraging to see policies to improve energy efficiency and conservation — a key part of a sustainable electricity system,” said Atkinson. “New Zealand has one of the lowest energy efficiency levels of any country in the OECD so there are enormous gains to be made which will have a dual climate change and money saving benefit.” Greenpeace expressed disappointment, however, that the Labour Party has not committed to phase out fossil fuel plants or to stop the Mighty River Power’s Marsden B project, which would be the first major coal-fired power station in New Zealand in more than 25 years.
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