Nova Scotia Tests Wind Power

Wind turbines will not only test the wind for power potential in Nova Scotia, they will present the people living there with an investment opportunity. Renewable Energy Services (RESL) is partnering with Scotian WindFields to proceed with a US $24 million wind exploration program, and opening the project investment to Nova Scotia residents through the Community Economic Development Investment Funds (CEDIF).

Halifax, Nova Scotia – July 7, 2004 [] The exploration projects will involve the installation of 18 to 20 wind turbines in total, and will be placed in several locations throughout Nova Scotia. These full-scale wind turbines will be used to explore prospective areas throughout the province. Power generated during this prospecting stage will be largely consumed within the areas around the installations. During the exploration phase, the RESL expects to produce 48 GWh annually. Over the next five years, they plan to develop the capacity to produce 750 GWh of power annually. “RESL has been collecting data for four years which enables us to move forward confidently with our exploration phase,” Larry LeBlanc, who is the CEO of RESL, said. “Nova Scotia has a need to develop alternative energy resources to compliment our existing forms of energy. Our current data shows enormous potential for this renewable resource.”
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