Nordex Welcomes Back Executive

March 11, 2003 [] Eberhard Voß will be assuming the position of head of central engineering at Nordex AG in April. In doing so, the mechanical-engineering specialist with a doctorate degree will be returning to his old employer. Voß previously worked for Nordex between 1997 and 2000, most recently as head of development and design. Arndt Stephan, who is currently responsible for engineering, will now be concentrating solely on the development of new turbines in his new capacity as head of R+D projects. He will be involved in all key issues relating to wind power from climatology to the design and development of turbines. His duties will also include the development of new turbines. In particular, he will be focusing on three key projects: the development of a range with a nominal output of 5 megawatts as well as the addition of an offshore and a US version to the 2.5 MW range. The offshore prototype has already been built and will be constructed in Denmark in April.
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