Nordex Reports Increased Orders

“Nordex has gotten off to a successful start to the second half of its fiscal 2001/2002,” says Dietmar Kestner, CEO and President of Nordex AG. The Company has signed five contracts for a total of 50 wind turbines with a capacity of 54.6 MW. Nordex will be completing all the wind farms this fiscal year. The total project value stands at roughly €44 million (US$41.7 million).

HAMBURG, Germany – June 17, 2002 [] The bulk of this new business comprises three orders from Germany. “This development confirms our expectations for the German market,” said Kestner. “Changes in the rules for processing applications for building permits led to a temporary delay in approval for wind farms. This problem now appears to have been overcome.” Nordex is implementing two projects for the Ostwind Group, Regensburg. The Blüthen wind farm is being set up near Ludwigslust in the German state of Brandenburg. Comprising 12 Nordex N60/1,300 kW turbines, the wind farm is scheduled for completion at the end of July. Ostwind is placing store by Nordex’s S70 1.5 megawatt series for its Wansleben wind farm to the west of Halle (Saxony-Anhalt). Specially developed for weaker wind conditions, the turbines will be installed on 85 meter-high towers to achieve an optimum energy yield. All eight turbines are to be installed between August and September. Nordex’s third German project is a contract signed with Plambeck Neue Energie, Cuxhaven, which provides for the installation of 10 Nordex N62/1,300 kW turbines at the Mangelsdorf wind farm. The project is scheduled to be completed as early as in August. Nordex France is also reporting brisk demand. Converted from a branch into a subsidiary last year, it has received orders for a total of 20 wind turbines. Thus, Nordex is building the Avignonet wind farm for its customer Seris Eole, a joint venture between French developer Seris and the Boralex Group (Canada). The ten N50/800 kW turbines are being installed 50 kilometers south-east of Toulouse, a region in which Nordex has already built three wind parks. The second project, which entails extensions to the Tuchan wind farm, is located 30 kilometers south-east of Perpignan, where Nordex will be installing ten N43/600 kW wind turbines. At an altitude 880 meters above sea-level, this location is characterized by mean wind speeds of over 10 m/s. This model has racked up an impressive track record in France, with 33 Nordex N43s – including five in Tuchan – so far installed around the country.Nordex AG has been listed on the Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt stock exchange since April 2, 2001. As a technological leader in the megawatt category, Nordex is particularly benefiting from the trend in favor of large-scale wind-power turbines. Its range includes what is currently the world’s largest series wind turbine (N80/2,500 kW). With exports accounting for around 40 percent of its business, Nordex AG plays a key role in international high-growth regions. The company has offices and subsidiaries in 18 countries around the world.
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