Nordex Build 62-MW Wind Farm for EverPower

Nordex USA, Inc. has completed its largest American wind project to date, the Highland wind farm, for EverPower Wind Holdings Inc. The project connects twenty-five of the company’s N90 2.5-megawatt (MW) high-speed wind turbines to the grid in Pennsylvania for a total installed capacity of 62.5 MW.

Nordex USA plans to manufacture the 2.5 MW turbines in Arkansas. Construction of the 115,000 sq. ft. nacelle production in Jonesboro has already begun, an important step in meeting the growing demand of the American market. According to experts, the installed U.S. capacity (25,237 MW as of December 2008) is set to more than triple by the end of 2013.

The company is already working on an even larger project with sixty N90 2.5 MW turbines for BP and total effective output of 150 MW.

“For us the completion of the Highland wind farm is a major step in EverPower’s development. We selected Nordex and these turbines after extensive study of their success in European installations. While new to the US, Nordex’ 2.5 MW product family is widely used in Europe with over 1,000 units installed. The 2.5 MW turbine allows us to achieve a higher power density in the land-constrained areas in the Northeast, where we have a large development pipeline. We are delighted with our decision and look forward to utilizing Nordex wind turbines at additional locations now under development,” said Jim Spencer, CEO of EverPower.

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