New Zealand Council Looks into Wind Power

The Greater Wellington Regional Council will investigate the suitability of some of its land for the development of wind farms to generate Renewable Energy.

Wellington, New Zealand – March 25, 2003 [] Chris Laidlaw, chairperson of the council’s Landcare Committee said that he supported the proposal to be discussed to investigate using Council owned land for sustainable energy generation. “New Zealand is facing a potential energy shortage as large gas fields run out and the Kyoto protocol puts pressure on the country to develop Renewable Energy sources,” said Laidlaw. “I believe it is time to begin actively investigating options for developing Renewable Energy generation in the Greater Wellington region. If we can make a contribution, we should.” Laidlaw said that an area in the Belmont Regional Park appeared to be the most promising site owned by Greater Wellington. “I believe we should take the lead in investigating the potential of this area,” said Laidlaw. “We have a policy of promoting Renewable Energy resources and I believe we owe it to the community to look seriously at what we can do to achieve this objective. That said, we must gather more information about the suitability of the site, and the views of stakeholders before any proposal is developed.” Laidlaw said an investigation should show the area to be suitable for generation. Greater Wellington would then seek a private sector energy generator to fund, build and operate the wind farm.
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