New York Governor Funds Five Wind Farms

Governor George E. Pataki has announced that the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will provide more than US$17 million to support the development of five wind farms throughout upstate New York.

Albany, New York – August 22, 2002 [] The wind farms will add 315 MW of electric capacity to the power grid without contributing any emissions. The total value of the five wind farms is estimated at more than US$375 million. Local land owners and municipalities in the primarily rural areas of the state where the farms will be developed will benefit economically through new jobs and direct payments for land leases to accommodate the wind turbines. “These wind farms and our aggressive approach to developing indigenous renewable resources are emblematic of New York State’s commitment to protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources for future generations,” Pataki said. “Clean energy technologies like wind farms will help New York State and the nation accommodate the growing demand for electricity in an environmentally responsible manner that avoids air pollution. Wind power has the added benefit of diversifying the energy mix that powers the Empire State and boosting energy security by reducing our need for imported energy.” Once operational, the five wind farms will generate enough electricity to power as many as 315,000 homes. With most of these projects, there is the potential to expand the sites to add a total of more than 100 MW of additional capacity in the future. The wind industry is becoming increasingly popular and competitive in New York State. Once constructed, wind turbines have very little impact on existing land use practices and can readily co-exist with dairy and other farming activities in the predominantly rural communities where they are being constructed. As evidence of the growing interest in wind in New York, the five projects receiving funding were selected through a competitive process that saw nine proposals submitted to NYSERDA by seven different companies seeking to develop more than 450 MW of new wind capacity. NYSERDA will award the US$17 million pending successful negotiations with each of the 5 developers and upon completion of the site development. The selected projects include: · US$5 million for Atlantic Renewable Energy Corporation (AREC) to develop a 100 MW wind farm in Lewis County. The project entails installing as many as 68. 1.5 MW wind turbines. · US$4.5 million for Global Wind Harvest, Inc. to develop a 75 MW wind farm in Steuben and Yates Counties. This project will use as many as 50 wind turbines rated at 1.5 MW each. · US$3.1 million for York WindPower, Inc. to construct and operate a 51MW wind farm in Chautauqua County. York WindPower will install as many as 34, 1.5 MW wind turbines for this project. · US$2.5 million for Global Winds Harvest, Inc. to develop a 40.5 MW wind farm in Otsego County. For this project, as many as 27 wind turbines rated at 1.5 MW each will be installed. · US$2 million for Zilkha Renewable Energy to develop a 50 MW wind farm in Erie County. As many as 34, 1.5 MW wind turbines will be installed to complete this project. NYSERDA previously provided US$5 million to Canastota Windpower and US$2 million to PG&E National Energy Group to construct and operate wind farms in the Towns of Fenner and Madison (Madison County) respectively. These two farms currently generate a total of 41.5 MW of electricity, with the farm in the Town of Fenner, which is currently the largest on the East Coast, generating 30 MW.
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