New Solar Water Pumps

After two years of new product development, SunPumps is now supplying pumps and service to the expanding global solar water pumping market.

Safford, Arizona – January 13, 2003 [] Although SunPumps is a new player on the market, its founder is not. According to the company, Jim Allen of Safford, Arizona, has been known for years as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality solar PV powered water pumps. He started the Solarjack line of pumpjacks and diaphragm pumps in 1985. The Solarjack brand soon became known for reliability, long life and consistent service and integrity, said SunPumps. Over the next few years several other types of pumps were added to the Solarjack line, including: piston pumps capable of extremely high head pressures, high volume centrifugal jet pumps and submersible centrifugal well pumps coupled to its own proprietary brush less DC motors. Allen’s pumps have been sold and installed worldwide from Africa to South America and across the United States. In 1996, Allen sold Solarjack to Photocomm Inc. In 2001, he re-entered the pump manufacturing business with SunPumps. SunPumps has also prepared pump system sizing software that utilizes worldwide weather data from several sources and provides the dealer an impressive program capable of properly sizing the water pumping system, as well as determining the correct wire and pipe size for those long distances that can dramatically affect system performance. This software is available free of charge to all qualified distributors and dealers upon completion of the SunPumps intensive two-day training course.
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