New Solar Energy Projects for the UK

The UK’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released funding for 16 new renewable energy projects across the UK totaling £1.8 million (US$3.4 million)

London, England – December 16, 2003 [] The funding is part of the DTI’s £20 million (US$34.9 million) Major Photovoltaic (PV) Demonstration Program which helps homeowners, public buildings, community projects and commercial ventures to convert to solar power. These are the sixth set of medium and large scale proposals approved since the program began in 2002. The wide range of projects include plans to power a new racecourse in Essex, a learning village in Croydon, and an education and resource center for children at the Eden Project, Cornwall. “Solar power is proving a valuable source of energy and is making a big impact in construction projects across the country,” said UK Energy Minister Stephen Timms. “The Government is committed to increasing the use of renewable energy and our Energy White Paper includes a target of 10 percent of UK electricity supply to be generated from renewable sources by 2010. Solar power will play a part in reaching this target. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy store and its wider use will be good for the environment and will benefit everyone.” These 16 projects are expected to produce a total of 511 kW, enough energy to power more than 100 homes. Under UK conditions 1 kW of PV cells could be expected to produce around 750 kW hours of electricity in a year, said the DTI. The average household uses 3,000-3,500 kW hours. Thus a 2-kW system might meet about half of household’s demand. The sixteen projects will be situated in seven regions of the country. A range of installers will benefit from awards in this round including BP Solar, Solargen Solutions Limited, Solar Energy Installations, Solar Century and Wind and Sun.
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